Act 82

To the Editor: What a surprise. The Vermont School Board Association (VSBA) voted Nov. 1 to ask the legislature to repeal Act 82 which is essentially a spending cap. What else would you expect? If Act 82 were repealed both the pork and the gravy might be spilled. Attempts to contact the VSBA go unanswered and the only purpose of the VSBA seems to be to collect dues and grant sublime titles to their individual members. The good news is that none of the states schoolboards really listen to the VSBA anyway so their vote is nothing more than a Chicken Little exclamation. I personally feel that Act 82 is not a good idea. I would rather see schoolboards find the courage to take control and make better use of taxpayer money. For whatever reason they lack the guts to do that so the legislature and the governor were forced to reach the compromise that they did. If the VSBA really wants to help they need to find a way to educate and motivate the sundry board members. Dick Merrill

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