Turning down nuclear power

Does industrial wind energy have no (ecological) benefit? When it runs, are nuclear and coal just too complex to be turned down? Is nuclears control that poor? One hopes it can be turned down before disastrous meltdowns. Should we use anything so uncontrollable? It would be like operating ones car, also very complex, without accelerator, brakes, or steering; its not done. Actually, as I learned from SUNY Cantons course in nuclear physics, control rods can be raised from, or lowered into, a nuclear fission reactor. These rods are made of material that absorbs some of the neutrons with which the devices chain reaction splits fissile atoms, producing heat. The further removed the control rods, the faster the reaction goes, raising temperature. Lowering them does turn down the machine. In a modern reactor, through a series of computer controlled electrical and mechanical steps (which indeed is complex), by pushing one button, operator intervention can, when timely enough, set in motion a threatened meltdowns avoidance. In response to running wind energy, nuclear reactors can be, and are indeed, turned down, to use winds free fuel instead of buying: the expensively prospected for, mined, transported, and processed nuclear fuel (processed to achieve appropriate concentrations of uranium 235, the naturally occurring metals only fissile material). An entire nuclear plant can even shut down, when enough wind power for that is available. The grid has always been designed to accommodate variations in each of its many generators outputs, resulting from either preventive maintenance or unexpected breakdowns. Any variability in wind-power is no exception to this. Entire wind farms dont suddenly stop or go. Time exists for the grids adjustment. Need its operation pollute? Wind machines emit only the air they take in, chemically unchanged. Need it make noise? Some do; not all. Some turbines are inaudible above the wind around them. The GE 1.5 MW is one. Its being installed around Churubusco and Ellenburg. Thirteen are planned for Beekmantowns Rand Hill. Nuclear power produces plutonium 239 (Pu239), medicines most toxic known material. It can power bombs also; theft is very attractive; transportations unsafe. Pu239s half-life, over 24,000 years, seriously questions storage safety. Reducing nuclear whenever wind runs reduces nuclears pollution. Thats ecological benefit. Permitting banking of coals fires: wind slows climate change, reduces mountain-destruction, miner-entombment, fish-destroying acid rain, and mercury pollutions retardation of childrens brain growth. Thats more ecological benefit. Wind benefits ecology. David E. Manwell

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