Fall and Food

Woke up on this turn-the-clocks back morning feeling chilly after a weekend doing shows in Claremont New Hampshire. Im not totally bummed to be chilly because it means the cluster flies are too cold to buzz about and turd on the windows. Its cloudy and calm outside, and todays chores add up to what I care to do. Its Sunday, and being (Hopefully Ill get my game together and go back, probably if I settle down with a wife and kids. Thats sometimes how it works I guess.), a non-church goer, I dont even have to roust myself out of the sack to go worship. So I lay here listening to the cat purr, thankful its fall, because fall brings a heightened desire to eat. Daydream about one or all of the below. Rice pudding the rice done just so a bit chewy but not gluey spooning a load from the bowl makes a sound cause its gooey is that cinnamon or nutmeg its not cold, not hot, its warm and hopefully baked in an old thick blue kettle Butternut squash on the half shell I call it filled with maple syrup that burns your tongue but who cares is that cinnamon or nutmeg scrape the stringyish meat from the inside walls with down strokes and youll get a forkful of soft squash innards and who cares if its so close to whats for dessert Pumpkin pie plain, no whipped cream or ala-mode for his cat you smell it as much as taste it chopping off a perfect mouthful size piece with your fork you can hear the sound of moist is that cinnamon or nutmeg served room temp the smooth filling has texture, teensy lumps even bad pumpkin pie (Dad called it Punkin pie), is good cant believe there are folks who dont like it Baked beans year round best in fall large beans with smaller ones too dark dark brown dark dark brown sweeter than any candy and grandma the juice or gravy whatever you call it is hard liquor sweet is that cinnamon or nutmeg piping hot with dark dark brown very necessary pork salt large enough pieces that a tad gets stuck between teeth to enjoy later Tofu ... NOPE! Carrots hot maple syrup steamed spears topped with brown sugar or is that cinnamon or nutmeg not too soft, just right to bite served bunched in a shallow Martha Stewarty colored dish String beans year round best in fall steamed topped with nut slivers pinch of sea salt go light (Its all you need), when you butter the gang you dish to your plate theyre tender but need a fair bite very healthy tasting, like apples keep the doc away like mountain air green Humus ... you CRAZY? Turkey hot steam rises from the breast tender turkey, better in November and December than August goes good with all the above salty crispy sensual skin crackles when its chewed tastes strong healthy full of whats good for what ails you doesnt make you tired, watching football and drinking booze does I want some of it all, because its fall. A method of acting calls for you to imagine until what you imagine becomes real to you. You can be an actor too. Imagine one or some or all of the food above. You drooled didnt you, you actor you? This time of year a day comes when my cravings for food change and accelerate. Happens every year. Like the animals in the woods, we change with the season, up here in Vermont anyway. Probably them folks in California eat the same amounts of the same stuff year round. Thats off. I like living here in Vermont were our cravings go to and fro and up and down. Its a much more interesting way to live, and one more fail safe reason to live here in Vermont. Do you agree?

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