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To the Times of Ti: There seems to be some questions about the future of our local Ticonderoga Dispatch Center. By law, all counties in New York State are required to dispatch all E-911 emergencies including police, fire and EMS. Essex County is now in the process of hiring and training dispatch personnel for the entire County at their new state-of-the-art Enhanced 911Center located in the Public Safety Building in Lewis with advanced caller locator features. In the weeks to come the County Dispatch at Lewis will be connecting and testing the connection to our local radio system. Our local dispatch system will stay manned for several months to allow for a transitional period. The cutover will occur late this year or early next year after all bugs have been worked out. Once the transition has been completed, no dispatching will take place locally. As the transition occurs, 911 calls placed in Ticonderoga and Crown Point area will be answered at the County Dispatch Center in Lewis. The County Center will have a bank of 14 incoming 911 calls. The 911 lines will be used to receive emergency calls only. The local non-emergency number will remain as 585-3456. The only thing that will change will be who answers the call.. Once the call is dialed the dispatcher will see the number on the screen and the address the call is originating from. This is with hardline calls. With wireless calls the dispatcher will see the subscribers phone number and billing address appear on the dispatchers screen. At the same time a mapping system will display the physical location of a hardline call by its address and a wireless call by the information being sent to the dispatcher by the subscribers service provider. There are several methods being used by cellular companies to provide the location but on most calls it will be possible to locate the caller within 10 to 20 feet provided they maintain a signal. The dispatcher will also be able to ping the callers wireless device in the event that they are moving. The Essex County Public Safety Answering Points will provide modern and effective E911 service to the residents of Essex County in a safe and efficient manner. Our senior bus, which has relied on our dispatch system, will be carrying a cell phone and the driver will have a headset. Calls will be made directly to the bus driver. Our Ticonderoga dispatch center was formed in 1989. The original resolution contained a Sunset Clause that stated once the county could provide an answering service our local dispatch center would be dissolved. Over the years the dispatch center was manned by a number of dedicated, professional employees. Dave and Sally Downing, Carol Perry, Jeff Wallace, David Schryer, David Patnode and Cheryl White come to mind immediately. They and many others worked diligently to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the greater Ticonderoga area. They should be commended and applauded for their years of devoted service to the residents of the greater Ticonderoga area. Robert C. Dedrick, supervisor
Wayne Taylor, chairman
Emergency services committee

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