Crown Point drive to aid ailing man

CROWN POINT Friends and neighbors of an ailing Crown Point man are coming to his aid. There will be a bottle drive to benefit Jeff Ross throughout the month of November, according to Yvonne DuShane. Ross suffers from Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). He is awaiting a liver transplant this December or January. Ross, 25, is the son of Mike and Lynn Ross of Crown Point. A graduate of Crown Point Central School, Ross was an all-conference athlete. People wishing to donate bottles can leave them at the homes of Henry and Yvonne DuShane on Pearl Street, Kim and Kevin Woods on Creek Road, Fallon and Brock Ross on Old Orchard Way on Sugar Hill, all in Crown Point, and Skip and Mary Ross at 143 Delano Road, Ticonderoga. All proceeds will benefit Jeff. In primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), the bile ducts inside and outside the liver become inflamed and scarred. As the scarring increases, the ducts become blocked. The ducts are important because they carry bile out of the liver. Bile is a liquid that helps break down fat in food. If the ducts are blocked, bile builds up in the liver and damages liver cells. Eventually, PSC can cause liver failure. Researchers do not know what causes PSC. Among the theories under investigation are the possible role of bacteria, viruses and immune system problems. PSC appears to be associated with ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. The disease usually begins between ages 30 and 60, but the disease can also arise during childhood. PSC is more common in men than women. PSC progresses slowly, so a person can have the disease for years before symptoms develop. The main symptoms are itching, fatigue and jaundice, which causes yellowing of the eyes or skin. An infection in the bile ducts can cause chills and fever.

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