Cats a serious problem in Ticonderoga

To the Times of Ti: We are retired people living on a fixed income, registered to vote in our area. I wish to address an ongoing problem that we have witnessed here in our area, that no one in our public offices seems to be concerned with, and that could become a threat to public health. Homeless or indoor/outdoor cats. I believe the problem is one of lack of legislation. People are allowed to let their cats run loose without being spayed or neutered, so the population of cats naturally increase. Some die under the wheels of cars, some are torn apart by dogs, some become sick and die, first infecting other cats who then become sick and die. Some simply starve to death for want of regular feeding or are eaten by other wild animals. And in the meantime, the reproduction problem simply magnified from year to year. Local people refer to the spring as kitten season. Even the local animal shelters will tell you they are overrun with unwanted kittens every spring. When are you people going to take responsibility for your area, your citizens, many of whom are animal lovers like myself who cant stand to see a cat hungry or suffering? Vacation people come here every summer, pick up an unwanted kitten at the shelter, feed it and play with it for a few months, and then go back home, leaving behind yet another unwanted homeless cat who now is used to being taken care of and doesnt understand why theyve been abandoned. It think its a crime against God and nature to allow this situation to continue. Slap a few of these people with the expense of a neuter/spay and fine them for abandoning a cat or letting one run loose unneutered or unspayed. Hit them where it hits, in the pocketbook, and watch the situation gradually improve. I personally will not vote for the re-election of any town official who is currently in office if they do not come up with something to improve the situation. I have also witnessed the habit of some people to let their dogs out on a very short lease and leave them for hours. The result is the dogs bark continually while theyre there. When theres a dog in reach of three yards all barking consecutively for hours, you can imagine the racket.It isnt the dogs fault, they are totally undisciplined and untrained captive animals who are a nuisance to those who live around them.We cant even sit out on our porch without getting headaches. So much for the right of quiet enjoyment in our real estate deed. Granted, I am now an irate citizen. But this business of no legislation for cats is not only mean and cruel, it is downright inhumane and I have lost all respect for our town councilmen, our town supervisor and anyone else who could so something about this situation but wont. Valerie Sweigart

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