Vote on proposed noise ordinance

To the Times of Ti: I read with interest that the Crown Point town supervisor has decided that the proposed noise ordinance is, in his words, a dead issue. I also found it interesting that he has killed it by trying to scare the citizens of Crown Point by stating the adoption of such an ordinance would cost the taxpayers big bucks. Buying an expensive decibel level meter is not needed. The decibel level of the noise isnt the only issue here. Constancy of noise also has to be considered. Hours of listening to the constant running of motorized vehicles, dogs barking, loud music, gunfire, etc can destroy the tranquility of ones home. We dont need a multi-page ordinance. A better trained dog control officer\Noise ordinance enforcer with a dash of common sense and tact can tell when something is detrimental to the peace and quiet of a neighborhood. It is my belief that our homes are the last places to which one can retreat from the stress and noise of the outside world. It should be a peaceful retreat unbroken by people who feel they have rights, but dont give a fig for yours. As for complaining to the dog control officer, my experience with that was that I was told, If you dont like the noise, build a fence. ( I kid you not!) Another interesting thing the Nov. 7 meeting that is scheduled for this issue is after election day. Shouldnt the ordinance be a proposition on the ballot as the proper way for everyone in Crown Point to express their opinion on the subject? Just because the room at the meetings isnt full doesnt mean there is no interest. The 5 oclock hour is mealtime for most people, some have no transportation or are still at work and some are not well enough to attend. It seems the supervisor and town board are raising every obstacle available to discourage the passage of this ordinance by inhibiting the townspeoples ability to express their opinions. This strategy used by the present administration is further proof that they dont really care what the citizens of Crown Point want. A noise ordinance is very much needed. In an ideal society we wouldnt need protection from thoughtless people. Just because there is an ordinance on the books doesnt mean it will be used and abused, but it will provide recourse if needed by someone who is fed up with excess and intrusive noise. Nancy P. Spaulding
Crown Point

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