Illegals in Vermont

To the Editor: Leahy votes against working Vermonters. Welch caters to flatlanders over long time residents. Sanders waffles better than an IHOP cook. Let us not forget the campaign donations benefiting the elected position... Recently, Illegals ran from the Lowe's construction site in South Burlington over to the Hannaford parking lot were ICE arrested them. Contractors deny hiring them instead of Vermonters, yet they are on the job site. How does that happen?... Farmers are crying poverty, hire illegals and now collect high milk prices. Again, Vermonters take the hit from two directions, more costly milk, and fewer jobs. Illegals get housing and low wages, again no worker comp or income tax... We have Sen. Leahy coming back to Vermont, getting on the WVMT Charlie and Ernie radio talk show, telling us how the pork is benefits the state. Am I not a swell guy? Meanwhile, the state is losing good jobs and pay, students leave after school, never to return and taxes go up because of that compassionate gang called a legislature gives away your tax dollars. Giving affront to the workers still left in Vermont, our Congressional poobahs vote to allow illegals to acquire their jobs, then raise the sales and property taxes. This next amnesty allows illegal children to become legal, and then bring all the relatives who promptly get every social benefit existing and anything more the Donks can fabricate. All compensated for by the tax dollar of residents who are put out of work by these self same illegals. How will this help Vermont? Ask Leahy, Sanders and Welch how; they are voting for the Dream Act coming up in the senate just as soon as Harry Reid can sneak it on to the floor. Every vote cuts the bottom line for businesses by allowing cheap labor to enter the work force as farm labor through H2-B. The high tech employers desire fast track green cards for skilled workers through H1-B which push our college post grads out of their field of work by age 30. The reason is lower wages and employees that are more compliant. Ed Mann

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