Got a letter the other day signed by something called a concerned Hamlet citizen. Didnt know what a concerned Hamlet citizen in Essex was because very few are concerned with anyone but themselves. Didnt bother to read it through because, as my sainted mother used to say, If a person doesnt think enough of themselves to sign their name, they dont deserve any of your time to read what they sent. After I threw it away, unread, I got to thinking. Maybe I should go back and get it out of the outhouse, because what if it was a plea for help, like someone is hanging from a ladder? Then after several moments of intense concentration, I realized that I could not rescue any concerned citizen without knowing who they were. So, I apologize if youre hanging on a ladder waiting for an Essex rescue. It wont be forthcoming. I called around Essex but no one seemed to know what a concerned hamlet citizen was, so I called my sister and asked her for an explanation. So, she said, A concerned citizen is someone who is concerned because things are not going their way, they stamp their feet and hold their breaths until they get what they want, and their mommy still washes their laundry. My sister is a nut however. There will be a memorial service for Vera Cross at the dining room in the Horace Nye Home on November 3rd at 2.00pm. Rev. Barbara Hoffman will do the honors. Vera was just about the last Essex person from her generation. She will be missed for her continuous politeness, civility, and desire to enjoy a good laugh. Of course living up there on the Hill how could anyone act any other way. Did you read the very nice tribute paid to Mary West by Irene Maloney last week? If not you should. Spent 3 hours at a NY State grant meeting last week hearing about what the State could do for everyone. In the last ten minutes we were all told that of course we would have to donate 50% of any money given, back to the State. Whitney tells me that she got a petition with thousands of signatures over the two week absence of this column. People, you wont scare me! I will still write them, because my sister likesem. See where Mr. Glebus of Lewis is starting a write in campaign. He should buy pencils with his name on them so people will be sure to have a pencil when they come to vote on Election Day. Oh, everyone in Essex is unopposed, so there will be no Election Night supper, so stay home. So, do not, come early and vote often. SEE YA. Do those of you over 40 notice that it is easier to forget than to remember? So, to that person who asked me to put something in this column, sorry. Next time put it in writing or make me do it. Head Start next door has built a jungle gym for the kids. It is strong enough to hold a 145 pound senior except for the teeter-totter which doesnt work for one person. I just remembered what I was supposed to tell yaall. The Methodist church is selling Christmas wreaths, so call any member before 11/11/07 to order one. Dont wait for the churchs annual Christmas Bazaar.

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