Child abuse

To the Editor: Attention Sens. Leahy, Sen. Sanders and Rep. Welch: As you are aware from the news over the last few years, child sexual abuse is a dirty little secret that most states and school systems are ignoring. Its a sensitive and uncomfortable issue that many prefer to deny. The victims are our children and they are told to keep quiet by the same person who inflicted the pain - the predator. These predators (the kid next door, Uncle Bill, ect.) count on the rest of the adult population to take the it wont happen to me attitude. Well it is happening... I had the opportunity to see Ken Wooden (Shelburne resident), founder of Child Lures www.childluresprevention.com speak at a free seminar in Burlington last month and I started to inquire why Vermont has not done more. I learned on my own that the legislature passed a bill in 2006 calling for a study to figure out how to get a statewide prevention program in our public school system. The program would provide education and awareness to children and parents in an effort to end child sexual abuse. The Vermont Legislature called for and appropriated $130,000 for a five year study to begin a program to use in our public school system. That program exists now and is already in use by the entire Catholic school system, many public school systems and even our own military. The program is called Child Lures Prevention and the program was offered to the State of Vermont for half the normal cost as a gift from Ken Wooden to his home State. (see attached proposal). I was told by some of our State Leaders that the reason the Child Lures Program was put aside, was because it was produced by a private company and therefore does not have credibility. Hogwash! I beg you to meet with Mr. Ken Wooden, founder of Child Lures, Wed. October 24th at 3:30PM in Room HC at the Capitol and decide for yourself if Ken Wooden and his program are credible... On Nov. 14 Ken Wooden will be providing, gratis, Child Lures Prevention Training for the Vermont State Police Sex Abuse Crime Unit, followed by training for parents and educators of Fair Haven West School District where a bus driver was recently accused of several incidents of child molestation. Help put an end to Vermonts dirty little secret. I urge you to attend the briefing Wednesday. Below you will find some additional information and statistics on child sexual abuse. Frank Stanley

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