Shouldn't the media let the courts decide?

I am sitting here in disbelief over the most recent Press Republican article in which it seems accused murderer Glen Races parents are already trying to set up his insanity plea and the reporter is feeding right into it. Perhaps Race does suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, but is that not for the experts and the courts and a jury to decide? Nowhere in the entire story is there any real proof presented showing that Race does indeed suffer from a mental illness. We have the distraught parents saying so, a description of the term twice over, and then the familys Halifax attorney saying that should he face trial there that would be their defense (not criminally responsible). Lastly, a recovery consultant, Susan Roper, of the Empowerment Connection, a mental health consumer advocacy business in Halifax, is used as a source to show the lack of involuntary treatment options in Halifax. She was quoted as saying, under the existing law, people were falling through the cracks. It is not she who said Glen Race was one of those people it is his parents. What expert qualifications they possess is what I am left wondering. And has the writer or editor of this publication actually seen proof of their claims? If so I apologize, but why not present those facts? Patient confidentiality wouldnt seem to be a problem here as it appears the Race family is quite eager to prove their case. And am I reading right? In six years the Race family has not been able to get two psychiatrists to diagnose their son with paranoid schizophrenia? Does that mean hes resisted treatment? Or that hes been seen by other experts in the field and theres been disagreement? Or that they have not been able to afford taking him for second, third or fourth opinions? There are too many unanswered questions here, for any of us to make judgements. How on earth do we expect to hold a fair trail in this county with such articles being read by thousands of people? I do feel terrible for all involved. I do. But I think the article should have stopped after the first few paragraphs, rather than go on and on with all the emotional jargon presented by the alleged murderers family. Why has it taken them this long to so eloquently express their sympathies to the victims families? I should not be judging, but I cannot help but think that these statements were carefully prepared by the family and their lawyer in an attempt to slam dunk their insanity plea. The icing on this huge cake of an article is the quote from Joel Pink, the Halifax lawyer. One parent is willing to go to Texas to assist in whatever way they can. Im here to tell you that if my sibling was accused of murdering three people and I believed for a moment that he/she was suffering from a severe mental illness Id not be waiting for an invite! Come hell or high water - Id have already been there. If you have an issue you would like to discuss or explore, write to Ann Hawksby, North Countryman, 21 McKinley Ave., Plattsburgh, NY, 12901, or send an e-mail to annie@denpubs.com. Please be sure to include your full name and telephone number for verification.

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