Cowboy Shawn Rugar - singer/songwriter

ROUSES POINT You may recall a recent North Countryman article about the Rouses Point Elementary Talent Contest - well, apparently it was not made clear just who gained the recognition as Best Singer. Although the contestants were judged by the loudest and most applause, when it came to that particular category Cowboy Shawn Rugar took the title - not only by audience response, but by wowing the judges too! You see, at age seven, Shawn has written several of his own songs, one of which, called Rouses Point Elementary School Song, he sang during the contest. But whats even more incredible is that he did so despite being plagued by learning and motor skill disabilities and a severe speech impediment. I am sure I speak with a degree of bias because this wonderful boy is my grandson, said Melody Bushey. But even if he wasn't, I'd still think him to be quite remarkable. He has enthusiasm and determination in his spirit that many could use as a role model, Bushey added. While he constantly struggles with his day-to-day classwork routine because of inverting letters, and that sort of thing, song writing is something he does well and takes great pride in. At age four, Shawn wrote his very first song, Halloween Night, then at age six he wrote Johnny the Cowboy was my Partner, and one of his latest titles is Be Cool in School. When I grow up I want to be a music guy or a wrestler, he said. His parents, Tina and Shawn, seem to be opting for the first choice, however. He has a piano, drums, two guitars and two recorders, said his mom. Even when leaving a message on his dads cell phone -he sings the words. They revealed that his favorite musicians are Michael Jackson (its just a thriller....he began to sing) and Queen. I want to sing RAP and Rock and Roll, he chimed in. So where did the name Cowboy Shawn come from? Young Shawn is also a big Gibson Brothers fan and loves the song Lips of an Angel. I know all my country songs, he said matter-of-factly. Hes living proof that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, said his father with a very proud smile. And, according to grandmother Bushey, Shawns zest for life is infectious. Not only does he move forward, even if its in little steps, but he takes us along with him as he entertains us with his sense of humor and desire to be a singer/ musician some day.

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