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Editors note:?A dozen Johnsburg Central School elementary students in grades 3-5 recently concluded a 10-week Gifted and Talented program journalism workshop led by JCS Teacher Assistant Katy Odell, former editor of the News-Enterprise. One student project was to use the Internet to research information about a famous journalist, and presented here are some of the resulting student works; others will be included in future News-Enterprise issues. Get to know a famous journalist: Christiane Amanpour By Alicia Hagadorn and Sarah Morris JCS Students Christiane Amanpour was born in London. Christiane grew up in Iran. She went to college at the University of Rhode Island. She went to college to get into journalism. Christiane is 49 years old. Now she is a reporter for CNN. In 2006, she became an honorary citizen of the city of Sarajevo. Three questions we would ask her are: Do you like journalism? Do people refuse to answer questions when you interview? Do you ever get stressed at the end of the day? Get to know a famous journalist: Bill Moyers By Shawn Nevins JCS Student Bill Moyers was born in Hugo, Okla., on June 5, 1934. Now he is 73 years old. He was a reporter at the daily Newsday at Long Island. He also worked for President Lyndon Johnson. He also has 30 Emmy Awards. Now he is working for the PBS Joseph Campbell and the Power of the Myth, and Healing and the Mind. He also had a show with his wife, Judith Davidson. If I could as him three questions, they would be: What was your favorite thing youve already done and why? What are you doing now? Whats the hardest thing youve done? (My source was www.factmonster.com) Get to know a famous journalist: Gwen Ifill By Montana Berg JCS Student Gwen Ifill is moderator and managing editor of Washington Week. She spent several years as a Washington Week panelist before taking over the moderators chair in October, 1999. Before coming to PBS, she spent five years at NBC News as chief congressional and political correspondent. While at NBC, she covered the premier political stories affecting the nation. Gwen Ifill was born Sept. 29, 1955. She grew up in New York City. She graduated from Simmons College in Boston, Mass. She said she knew she wanted to be a journalist and that her first love was newspapers. She is 51 right now. Her reports have appeared on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Today. Meet the Press, and MSNBS, all news cable network. If I got the chance to meet this reporter, the three questions I would ask her are: Do you believe in fairies? Are you boring or exciting? Did being black make you have more obstacles when you were young? (Sources: www.pbs.com and www.gwenifill.com)

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