Understanding our kids and ourselves

THURMAN If youre not familiar with the term indigo children, ask Barbra Gilman. There is such a marked difference in every child on the planet now, Gilman said. Maybe these kids are here to be our teachers and peacemakers. Gilman, who lives in Thurman but is from Manhattan, has been following her passion of changing the way we raise our children to accommodate a shift she sees happening in the world for over 30 years. She is the author of The Unofficial Guide to Living Successfully on Planet Earth, and a contributing author to The Indigo Children. She is the CEO of Success Strategies for Life and has hosted her own radio show, Conscious Choices. Gilman is also a motivational speaker who has taught hundreds of workshops on personal and spiritual development and success through awareness. My job is to awaken people, she said. Too many parents and teachers do not understand and give these kids labels like ADD and use drugs to make their lives easier. Gilman travels across the country, training parents and training others to train parents how to accommodate the needs of their children. Its the most important job on the planet and it has no instruction book, she said. Her program, called Conscious Parenting, offers skills to build self esteem, eliminate power struggles, discipline without yelling, create a conscious family, develop self motivation, feel calmer and understand the Indigo child. Gilman said she is taking her program to the next level, and she has gathered a team including a producer, director, designer and others to get her message out. It could be a film, it could be a documentary or a DVD, I dont know yet, she said. I need people while my team is here to come to my course. Normally carrying a $300 price tag, Gilman is offering her five-session course on Conscious Parenting for free to help finetune her presentation for media consumption. It will be sort of like a dress rehearsal, she said. Anyone who is with a family, or would like to learn life skills that will show that life is not a struggle, it is a joy, is welcome to call. To contact Gilman, call her at 623-3045 or by email at barbraspks@aol.com.

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