Letters to the Editor

To the editor: As the supervisor of the Town of Elizabethtown and presently the chairman of the Essex County Board of Supervisors I understand that, as a public figure, I will have many instances where my public views will not be agreed upon by all people and their opposing views and opinions will be voiced. I invite all people to express their opposition or support to my expressed positions on public matters and I strongly defend that freedom of speech right. Attacks on me for my public position are part of the territory in this business and I knew that when I assumed office. The letter I refer to here has crossed the line of acceptable standards. I am a public figure, my wife and children are not! For your paper to allow some troubled individual to address my wife and children in your public forum was unconscionable and an affront to all acceptable standards of responsible editorial discretion. To be clear, my issue is not with Mr. Martin's right to voice his opinion, I believe most reasonable people will recognize his ranting for what it is, an ongoing vendetta against me personally and that's okay, it's the nature of the beast in this venture of public service. The extreme disappointment I have is with your paper and editorial staff for allowing that fundamental line to be crossed. Your paper owes my wife and children an apology. Noel H. Merrihew, III Supervisor, Town of Elizabethtown

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