Breathe in that fresh air!

Those jobs also bring the ability to spend.

As far as my job is concerned, I went from being worried about finding things to write about, to having people come to me with their ideas, events and accomplishments.

I can recall our publisher wanting our papers to have a mission - and with the risk of sounding like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz - its been right here in our back yard all along, we are a community paper.

I realized that during recent meetings with our areas two new breaths of fresh air, Mayor Don Kasprzak and Supervisor Bernie Bassett. Both have told me that our community papers are just that - a breath of fresh air.

Mind you they do have their issues to work out, but both seem to want the same thing - an area we can all be proud of, one that people can afford to live in, and one that is prosperous, but keeps it North Country characteristics.

It is our mission to bring to you the best of community news, with features about real people who live here and make this place as great as it has truly become.

We are not here to compete with the daily news providers, because we too have our own identity and it has character.

We are called the Clinton County Free Trader Today, which is a mouthful, but it is a name that is representative of both our history and the opportunities we ourselves have created through determination, vision and drive - just as the area we serve. Also in the name is the word today, which signifies where we are - we are here today.

That day is now, yet itll keep on coming. And with each new day is that new breath of fresh air and the promise of a bright and prosperous future.

Ann Hawksby can be reached at annie@denpubs.com.

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