Tolerance of talkers

All in all Im still able to be very tolerant when a Talker pins me. However, more and more I find myself diving behind a chip rack at the grocery mart, or picking up my cell phone pretending Im on a call to avoid coming face to face with one of my dreaded Talkers. Today I noticed a Talker in the parking lot of the grocery mart and I hurried in before him, sure Id be able to recon during my shop and avoid the aisles he inhabited. I quickly gathered my string beans, and yams, and took off for the chicken, when I realized I needed an onion and a green pepper. When I returned to the veggie bins (having forgotten the Talker was about) I stepped head on into his path. Busted! If you want to know anything about Carnival Cruises, let me know.

When I do avoid a Talker I feel like a bad person, a Meany. Am I? I dont really know, but I think about it. I wonder if Im a bad person for not wanting to stand there listening to a person speak to me a story so slow and aggravatingly boring, that if the story were told to a dead guy, hed yawn.

I shouldnt complain because Im young and healthy. My mother though, poor mom, shes now 76 and living alone in an apartment, and though shes fortunate to have great friends to call on her, some of those friends are Talkers. Mom told me recently one of her Talkers had talked so long and straight to her, that she almost broke down in tears of frustration. Thats some sad arhsed crap man. Talkers are lethal, really.

Good thing for mom most of her Talker episodes happen through phone conversations, because phone talking rules out mom having to deal with what may be the worse trait a Talker can have thats right, Close Talking. Theres nothing worse. Well, I guess if you add a tank load of booze into a Close Talker you get a Drunk Close Talker, which is worse, and should be a crime. I marvel at Talkers as much as one might marvel at how ships sail, or how eyes see.

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