Tolerance of talkers

Being tolerant is not easy. Lately Im unable to understand people who talk incessantly. Do you have any of them in your life? I do, several. Used to be I could crook my hip, hang, and give them my time, patiently listening as theyd go on and on and frigfreein on and on without taking a breath telling me every single detail from a story of which the outcome was so obvious that I could have finished it for them once I heard the first few sentences. Can you believe these people? I cant, anymore. They freak me out.

Why do they assume Im at all interested in hearing more than general information about their daily goings on? How can they feel that you and I give a gol darn about the minutia of their lives? Are they talking just to hear themselves talk? Is it all about them, are they basically telling themselves the story because they like hearing about themselves even if its themselves theyre hearing it from?

Dont get me wrong, I like, Talkers, because lucky for us, Talkers all seem to be very nice folks. But man oh man my mind cannot get around the amount of detail and time they effortlessly spew. And how much am I freaked out by the fact that Talkers rarely pause a second to wonder or ask of us, So whats going on with you? Once in a blue moon a Talker will take a longer than normal breath, which if youre very quick might allow you to slip in a, Ive been sick, but those cases are rare, and even if you do fit in a few words, they hardly notice. Once just for fun during a Talkers pause, I was able to fit in, I gave birth to a miniature horse. The Talker didnt bat an eye.

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