Courtroom drama lacks sufficient punch

Many times in motion pictures, directors falter in the same way by not adequately integrating two romantic characters. The result is a forced relationship that comes across as contrived to the viewer. When an on-screen relationship goes from dreamy eyes across the bar to Thanksgiving dinner with the family in just a few days, it ultimately detracts from the believability of the story. This is exactly what happened with this weeks feature, Fracture, starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.

Many aspects of this film were top-tier including the fine acting portrayals by Hopkins and Gosling. While Gosling continues to be on the fast track toward the coveted A-list, Hopkins really has nothing more to prove other than his unending ability to deliver interesting and complex characters. His performance in Fracture (arousing memories of Hannibal Lector) was not only compelling, but also the one aspect of this picture that succeeded throughout.

Unfortunately, the side story between Gosling and his love interest only detracted from the story. Like my friend from college, this on-screen relationship went from zero to fifty in less than two seconds. The director expected us to believe a strong bond had formed in what turned out to be an unrealistic timeframe, ultimately deteriorating an evolving storyline.

In the end, Fracture is little more than a trumped up episode of Law & Order, albeit one with several great actors. Check this one out if youre a fan of the crime/courtroom genre. It wont disappoint, but it also wont leave you enthralled. A listless C+ for Fracture.

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