Vanselow will seek Johnsburg Board seat

JOHNSBURG Ron Vanselow announced Saturday that he is running for one of two contested seats on the Johnsburg Town Board currently held by incumbents Eugene Arsenault and Alyce VanKeuren. Vanselow, a Democrat and a member of the town Planning Board, said he hopes to build on his 2005 campaign that saw him narrowly lose his bid for a seat on the board to Arnold Stevens. The decision to run came at the urging of people in the community, he said. Ive been approached on the street by several people urging me to run, he said. Vanselow predicts that others will enter the race in which he and fellow Democrat Marko Schmale have already announced campaigns. That there are so many people talking about running suggests that there is a real feeling that we need some change, Vanselow said. The theme of Vanselows campaign will have an eye to the future, he said. What kind of town are we leaving for our children and our grandchildren, Vanselow said. Will they be able to afford to live here? Will there be jobs that will allow them to live here? The proposed developments in the town threaten to further separate the haves with the have-nots, Vanselow said. I worry that there will be two Johnsburgs, he said. A bustling, thriving community on one side of Route 28 and a depressed, forgotten community on the other. Vanselow said he doesnt want to see any further socio-economic stratification in the town, something that could happen if growth isnt managed wisely. I hear people say that theyve been waiting 20 years for these developments to come, Vanselow said. But whats been done in those 20 years to prepare for whats coming? Vanselow said he considers himself a fiscal conservative. The Town Boards decision late last year to borrow money to balance the budget didnt sit well with him, he said. We cant leave it to future generations to fix the towns budget problems, he said. We need to figure it out now. Vanselow, an educator who works with individuals at the Washington County Jail to obtain their GEDs, has been involved in town issues since the early 1990s when he chaired the town Environmental Advisory Committee. In addition to a dozen years on the Planning Board, Vanselow served as the town Recycling Director, on the county Recycling Advisory Committee, co-chaired the town Landfill Advisory Committee and has been active in as a volunteer with the Johnsburg Emergency Squad. Vanselow said he hopes to run on the Democratic and independent lines and he may seek the Conservative endorsement. He and his wife have three grown children, all of whom live in the town.

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