Run for Hope

ELIZABETHTOWN Dorine Peregrim of Lake Placid and James Medeiros of Saranac were the half marathon winners at Saturday's 27th annual Benefit for Cystic Fibrosis 5K and Half Marathon. Peregrim won the women's half marathon with a time of 1 hour, 42 minutes, 16 seconds, while Medeiros finished in 1:11:49 to win the men's division. The 13.1-mile half marathon started in Keene and crossed Spruce Hill, finishing at Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School. In the 5K event, Leah Bedoian won the women's division in 23:18, and Brendan Courneene finished in 17:48 and emerged as the men's champion. The 5K (3.1 miles) race started and finished at the school. Results include: Half Marathon 1st Place Runners: Dorine Peregrim, 9, Women's Master, 1:42:16. James Medeiros, 2, Men's Open, 1:11.49. Morgan Pellerin, 2, Men's Open, 1:18:51. Alex Dillenberger, 2, Men's Open, 2:07:04. Jeff Rushby, 3, Men's Sub-Master, 1:34:14. Michael White, 4, Men's Master, 1:18:02. Douglas Kerr, 4, Men's Master, 1:26:54. Jim Paulsen, 4, Men's Master, 1:29:51. Andy Hastings, 4, Men's Master, 1:33:22. Gary Ziemer, 4, Men's Master, 1:44:15. Ron Brenner, 4, Men's Master, 1:45:20. Jim Dillenberger, 4, Men's Master, 1:48:31. Timothy Lawliss, 4, Men's Master, 1:48:31. See RACE, page 5 Warming From page 1 Robert Wagner, 5, Men's Veteran, 1.49.06. Phillip Gallo, 5, Men's Veteran, 1.50.40. Charles Trimarchi, 5, Men's Veteran, 1:51:41. Bob Lepak, 5, Men's Veteran, 1:53:49. Howard Maat, 5, Men's Veteran, 1:59:31. Kari Haddock, 7, Women's Open, 1:47:29. Deirdre Forcier, 7, Women's Open, 1:54:08. Katherine Smith, 9, Women's Master, 1:57:40. Joanne LaLonde, 9, Women's Master, 2:05:54. Carol Trombley, 10, Women's Veteran, 1:58:00. Alana Forcier, 10, Women's Veteran, 2:02:56. Linda Hudson, 10,- Women's Veteran, 2:06:51. 5K 1st Place Runners: Leah Bedoian Women's Open 23:18. Brendan Courneene Junior Men 17:48 Name Class Time Timely Cox, Men's Open, 21:09. Joe Thomas-Train, Men's Open, 29:52. John Piestrzynski, Men's Open, 41:00. Mike Harrison, Men's Open, 41:25. Jason Pare, Men's Sub-Master, 20:06. Adam Peck, Men's Sub-Master, 49:54. Dan Courneene, Men's Master, 19:41. Michael Morris, Men's Master, 23:01. Smitty Marvin, Men's Master, 24:57. Scott Yakey, Men's Veteran, 22:14. Jim Cunningham, Men's Veteran, 23:53. John Hamm, Men's Veteran, 28:42. Bob McFarland, Men's Veteran, 28:51. William Sezna, Men's Veteran, 32:09. Jessyka McGinn, Junior Women, 27:13. Emily Morris, Junior Women, 29:09. Nicole Podmore, Junior Women, 29:49. Molly Wagner, Junior Women, 30:38. Mary Fehlner, Women's Open, 23:40. Angie Hapeman, Women's Open, 24:52. Brittany Huber, Women's Open, 25:15. Madeline Hooper, Women's Open, 25:19. Courtney Marvin, Women's Open, 26:14. Emily Lashway, Women's Open, 26:27. Kathryn Odell, Women's Open, 52:14. Margot Roemischer, Women's Sub-Master, 24:57. Jessica Darney-Buehler, Women's Sub-Master, 27:01. Sheryl Quinn, Women's Sub-Master, 28:47. Laura Spencer, Women's Master, 23:43. Linda Shepard, Women's Master, 23:43. Wendy Morris, Women's Master, 27:08. JoAnn Morris, Women's Master, 29:12. Barbara Kunzi, Women's Veteran, 33:07. Janet Nye, Women's Veteran, 52:46 run for hope 1 James Medeiros of Saranac crosses the finish line to win the mens division during the 27th Annual Run for Hope, a half-marathon race that started in Keene and finished at Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School. run for hope 2

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