Packbaskets and fish tales

In short order, Bill was pressing the limits of his limit. Already there were eight fish in the basket. All were big, fat, healthy brook trout. It was then that he noticed her. She was a real big lady and it was tough walking through the heavy, wet snow. I watched as she made her way through the woods, Bill explained, She stood beside me and at first, she said nothing. Then she peeked into my basket.

Thats a nice batch of brookies, Mister, she exclaimed. Did you catch them all here? Yup, Bill replied. The exchange continued with the usual barrage of questions; whatre you using?, howre you fishing it? and finally finished with, Are you coming back tomorrow?

Bill had carpentry duties the following day and replied in the negative to the final question. So she says to me, Bill relates, Id really like to come here and fish. What time do you think I should get here?

He continued, Well, I told her that I showed up at 8:30 this morning and nobody was here; but to be sure, she probably should be here by 7:30.

She soon returned to her car, happy and excited at the morrows prospects. Bill promptly topped off his limit and returned home.

In the kitchen sink was a batch of freshly cleaned brook trout when Bills son walked through the door. Admiring the catch, young Bill asked his father where he caught them.

After the entire story of the catch and the ladys questions was retold; young Bill wanted to know What time do you think I should be there, Dad, to be sure to get the hole (in the ice). Well, I told her to be there by 7:30, his father explained, So if youre going, Id be there no later than 7 a.m.

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