Wet fiberglass in your future?

Q An electrician doing rewiring found wet fiberglass insulation between my second floor ceiling and the roof. How critical is it that I replace this?

A. You should take care of this right away. Wet insulation doesnt insulate, so youre wasting energy. Moisture accumulation also can cause unhealthy mold and will eventually rot building materials. Find out where the water came from, fix the cause, and then replace the wet insulation and any rotted materials. A Home Performance with ENERGY STAR certified contractor can best assess the situation and make recommendations. Call Efficiency Vermont to learn more about Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Q. Our last electricity bill was fives times higher than normal. We havent bought anything new that uses electricity. Weve always had an electric water heater and electric appliances. What could be going on?

A. Did you have visitors? Additional showers and loads of laundry increase hot water use. No visitors? Then see if your water heater has a malfunctioning heating element or control or has a leak. Also, check any pumps. Pumps are used for swimming pools, private water systems and some sewer systems. A faulty pump, control, pressure tank, or a water leak in the system could cause the pump to run more than it needs to. If its still a mystery, give Efficiency Vermont a call at 1-888-921-5990 for more help.

Rachael Pendleton is a business development specialist at Efficiency Vermont. To find more energy saving tips or to submit a new question about energy use in your home or business, visit www.efficiencyvermont.com/askrachael or call, toll-free: 1-888-921-5990 to speak with a customer service representative.

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