Report from New York City

So if you dont need talent or skill, what do you need or, what do I know that the talented skilled actor who isnt getting work doesnt? I know you have to be on time for auditions and meetings. You have to be honest (dont put guitar playing as a talent on your resume unless you can play well enough to make someone very happy or very sad). You have to not care, because even successful commercial actors book only about 15 out of 100 auditions. Not caring means realizing 90% of the time you didnt get the job, it wasnt anything you did, or didnt do, cause remember, youre getting the job mostly because of how you look, and for most of us, how we look is set in stone. Commercials need TYPES, and every human is a type, and the smart confident actor knows sooner or later some beer company, or airline will need exactly his or her type in a commercial to help sell their product.

Another thing you might want to be, or try to be if you arent, happy. Agents, casting directors, assistants, company reps, they want to like you, and a happy you is a likable you. Likability will get you hired. You want to be happy, but you dont want to force it. So if youre having a bad day, thats fine, tell the casting director youre having a bad day, but dont overdo it. Be your likable happy self, cause thats what theyre willing to spend sometimes many many thousands of dollars for.

Heres the ad booking process and how the Bayer job came down for me.

Your first audition for an ad is just you and a casting director in a room. Your agent has contacted you and told you where to be and when and what youre reading for. Youve gotten to the casting office on time, youve filled out a size card and had your photo taken in the lobby, and youve been given the lines or sides as theyre called, if there are any lines. So in the casting room, you simply look at the video camera run by the casting person, state your name, and do the lines, or any action your asked. The casting director might adjust you and you might do it again, Thats good, try it again with more energy, and you do it again. It all takes about two minutes and bang, youre out of there, on your way back to your apartment, and if youre a wise commercial actor, you dont give a second thought to how you did, because you know you nailed whats really important you were likable.

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