Report from New York City

Ive been here 8 days finishing my book and going on the odd commercial audition. When I lived here in the 90s I ended up doing about 30 TV commercials, many of them national network. Its a tough game in that its basically a numbers deal. You get to enough auditions, youll book a spot. Thats if youre lucky enough to have a commercial agent, which is a whole other story. Ive known actors who never book a commercial, but boom, Im back in the game after just 8 days. Today I booked a national spot for Bayer Aspirin. Must be I know something those other unbookable actors dont huh? Nope, I dont know a thing they dont know, about acting that is. Maybe I do know a little something they dont know about getting work in commercials though, and that is well, here, let me explain.

Anyone can be in commercials. Commercials are the first job an actor will get simply because you dont need to have skills, and you dont need to know a gol darn thing about acting; all you need to know is how to be you.

Next time you watch TV take special note of the commercials. Do you think the folks you see are especially beautiful or talented? If you said no youre right. If youre a 55 year old man, 20 pounds overweight, with thinning hair and crocked teeth guess what? You can be in commercials. Keep watching and youll see just about every type of human being there is to see in commercials and by the way, if youre thinking they just find these folks off the street and put them in commercials because they looked right, youre wrong. 95% of the folks you see on commercials are commercial actors, who put tons of time into taking commercial acting classes and going to auditions and getting turned down.

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