Updated opera is school play

This years school play is Aida, adapted by Elton John and Tim Rice. The play is a bit of a rock concert following the format of a Broadway show, according to Music Director Jim Corriveau. Its the closest thing weve done to rock and roll since we did Grease, Corriveau said. Set in ancient Egypt, the play follows the plight of Aida, a Nubian princess captured by Pharoughs armies. Radames, a captain in the Egyptian army, is betrothed to Pharoughs daughter, the princess Amneris, but he falls in love with Aida. To further complicate things, Aida becomes Amneris hand maiden and friend. Meanwhile, Radames father, the evil Zozer, is plotting to kill Pharough so his son can become Egypts leader when he marries Amneris. Aida hates her enemy, but she falls for him, (Radames) and they have to keep their love very secret, Corriveau said. The story is true today, with political conflict, there is still love. In some way, we all have, or will fall into complications in love. The lead characters include several veterans of school plays. Alissa Carlson plays Aida in her sixth play. I actually had a small part in this play in youth theatre in 2005, Carlson said. Even though I have the lead, the play would be nothing without the smaller roles. She said the dancing is big in the show and the dancers are doing really well. Theres a lot of pop music, and Im classically trained so its not great for my voice, but Im having fun, she said. Fourth-year veteran Colin Miner was the lion in last years production of The Chronicles of Narnia and is the captain who falls for Aida, Radames. His dad wants to kill of Pharough so hell be pharough if he marries Amneris, Miner said. Hes very egotistical, he knows hes all that. Miner said he had some difficulty finding the character because he isnt about himself. But I love it, its so much fun, he said. Jeremy Bertsche makes is stage debut this year, having done lights for past shows. He plays Radames father, Zozer. Corriveau calls Bertsche a diamond in the rough. I had no clue he could sing, Corriveau said. Bertsche said he hasnt been in any type of choral production since fourth grade and has no voice training. I sing in the car, he said. I like this a lot, its very entertaining. He said he isnt afraid of performing to an audience because of his public presentations with the 4-H Club. Im not normally evil, but this is my favorite character in the play, he said. And everybody loves my songs. Emma Prendeville has been in school plays since seventh grade and also did some elementary plays. Her character is Amneris, Pharoughs daughter. I like this part a lot, she said. Its funny, Ive been a ditzy blonde in other plays, and now Im a ditzy shopaholic princess. A junior this year, Prendeville plans to be in next years production as well. Aida will be performed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Warrensburg Junior/Senior High School at 7:30 p.m. each evening. Tickets are $4 for students and senior citizens and $6 for adults, with a special discount performance for students on Thursday night.

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