Tri-Lakes youth participate in festival of music

The Essex County Music Association hosted the 2007 Essex All-County festival on March 8 at Willsboro Central School. The event attracted over 200 student musicians from fourteen schools performing in four different groups. Area students participating in the event included: Jazz band: alto sax: Alex Goff of Lake Placid; tenor sax: David Balestrini of Lake Placid; trumpet: Jon Leff of Lake Placid; trombone: Debbie Thayer of Lake Placid; guitar: Dan Saulpaugh of Lake Placid. Concert Band: flute: Andrea Kraft of Saranac Lake, Jennifer Jubin of Lake Placid, Casey Schnieder of Saranac Lake, Sarah Ritter of Saranac Lake, Ciaira Shepard of Lake Placid, Karen Kentile of Tupper Lake, Rebecca McNeilly of Tupper Lake; bassoon: Megan Labbate of Lake Placid; clarinet: Rachel Bullard of Saranac Lake, Kate Mazder of Saranac Lake, Kelsey Miller of Lake Placid, Julia Appleton of Lake Placid, Alex Caudill of Lake Placid, Molly Orman of Saranac Lake, Katie Trudeau of Saranac Lake; bass clarinet: Emily Jessie of Tupper Lake; alto sax: Kindsley Dodson of Lake Placid, David Balestrini of Lake Placid, Sam Recette of Saranac Lake; baritone sax: Joseph Peck of Tupper Lake; trumpet: Mason St. Pierre of Tupper Lake, Andrew Wilson of Tupper Lake, Heidi Baumbach of Lake Placid, Peter Nichols of Saranac Lake, Cassie Weiner of Lake Placid, Jonathan Leff of Lake Placid, Nicholas Kulina of Lake Placid; french horn: Sarah Mader of Saranac Lake, Ashley Lavery of Lake Placid, Abby Fuller of Saranac Lake, Merci Syphax of Saranac Lake; trombone: Rebecca Nasbette of Saranac Lake, Travis Farmer of Saranac Lake, James Kordial of Lake Placid, Jessica Boyer of Lake Placid; baritone: Scott McGowan of Tupper Lake; tuba: Jon Collier of Saranac Lake, Josh Bliss of Lake Placid; bass: Colin Delaney of Lake Placid; percussion: Darren McGreevy of Lake Placid, Evan Knox of Lake Placid, Dylan Halperin of Saranac Lake, Joshua Wheelan of Tupper Lake. Womens Chorus: soprano: Lizzy Romano of Saranac Lake, Alexandra McFadden of Lake Placid, Alexandra Grossman of Lake Placid, Arielle Retrosi of Lake Placid, Bridget Dellavalle of Lake Placid, Faith Whelan of Tupper Lake, Megan Fortier of Tupper Lake, Carol Schmidt of Saranac Lake, Emmalee Knelting of Saranac Lake, Genevieve Guerrette of Saranac Lake, Katie Finnigan of Saranac Lake, Nicole Buffa of Saranac Lake, Corrina Gochenaur of Saranac Lake, Alex Patnode of Saranac Lake, Amy Stark of Saranac Lake, Amanda Tynan of Lake Placid, Chloe Collins of Lake Placid, Kresta Hanson of Lake Placid, Julia Lyon of Lake Placid, Angie Ward of Saranac Lake, Megan Wilcox of Saranac Lake; altos: Maria Trumbull of Saranac Lake, Krista Sauvie of Saranac Lake, Sara Preston of Saranac Lake, Lubby Clark of Saranac Lake, Gabby Bien-Aime of Saranac Lake, Megan Benham of Saranac Lake, Sara Mazder of Saranac Lake, Molly McConnell of Lake Placid, Courtney Holzer of Lake Placid, Hollie Carmelitano of Lake Placid, Bethany Valenze of Lake Placid. Mixed Chorus: sopranos: Juliet Barney of Lake Placid, Madara Blumberga of Lake Placid, Jana Hudak of Lake Placid, Rose Hyson of Lake Placid, Haley Puckhaber of Lake Placid, Eliza Holes of Lake Placid, Caitlin Terry of Lake Placid, Megan Keough of Saranac Lake, Maryssa Romeo of Saranac Lake, McCayla Quinn of Saranac Lake, Rachel Kemp of Saranac Lake, Kierstin Daviau of Saranac Lake, Samantha Fazioli of Saranac Lake, Carolyn Mader of Saranac Lake, Lizzy Romano of Saranac Lake,Faith Whelan of Tupper Lake, Redia Spada of Tupper Lake, Annette Fox of Tupper Lake, Allyssa Houle of Tupper Lake, Allysha Connor of Tupper Lake; altos: Samantha Allen of Lake Placid, Casey Fish of Lake Placid, Juliana Moore of Lake Placid, Regina Donnelly of Lake Placid, Marjorie Waterson of Lake Placid, Keara Hanson of Lake Placid, Kyra Duhaime of Lake Placid, Elizabeth Gronlund of Lake Placid, Gracy Frenette of Saranac Lake, Lauren Burgess of Saranac Lake, Ruth Connors of Saranac Lake, Katie OReily Morgan of Saranac Lake, Glynis Jones of Saranac LAke, Rebecca Nashette of Saranac Lake, Allison Gregory of Saranac Lake, Krysta Sauvie of Saranac Lake, Lora LaRochelle of Tupper Lake, Joellen Tooly of Tupper Lake, Billie Jean Gadway of Tupper Lake, Amber Williams of Tupper Lake, Michelle Brockway of Tupper Lake, Melissa DeVirgeles of Tupper Lake, Heather Zwinge of Lake Placid, Samantha Allen of Lake Placid; tenors: Zachary Berger of Lake Placid, Christian Blazer of Lake Placid, Joseph Graham of Lake Placid, Zachary Daily of Tupper Lake, Chris Hughes of Tupper Lake, Michael Hughes of Tupper Lake, Ryan Jackson of Saranac Lake, Michael Bullard of Saranac Lake, Jonathan Barge of Saranac Lake, Patrick Darrah of Saranac Lake, John Henry of Saranac Lake, Will Brown of Saranac Lake; basses: Ben Chapman of Tupper Lake, Alex LaFrance of Tupper Lake, Alex Waters of Tupper Lake, Lyndon Gillis of Tupper Lake, Lyndon Gillis of Tupper Lake, Matthew Barber of Tupper Lake, Andrew Wright of Saranac Lake, Luke Niel of Saranac Lake, Matt McClatchie of Saranac Lake, John Rodriguez of Saranac Lake, Nathaniel Caner of Saranac Lake, Dylan Duffy of Lake Placid, Michael Conway of Lake Placid, Will Kemmerer of Lake Placid.

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