The Tahawus Tract

The portage between northwest Henderson and Upper Preston is two miles and challenging. Drop a marble at Upper Preston and itll end up in Henderson. But Upper Preston is one of the prettiest ponds Ive ever seen, so its worth the haul. A caretakers cabin which once belonged to former owner NL Industries remains there today and there is more than 70 feet of water in the 73-acre pond. Lower Preston contains 50 feet of water and is a bit smaller at 56 acres. A short portage of less than half a mile brings you to the Duck Hole.

How new fish importation rules will affect Bass Tourneys

By now youve no doubt heard about the new emergency regulations put in place on bait fish and the transportation of live fish between states. Basically, the regs are meant to keep a nasty fish-killing virus called Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia or VHS from being introduced into our lakes and ponds.

The disease has turned up in Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River and Conesus Lake, mostly affecting warm water species and killing from just a few to thousands of fish.

Signs of the disease include unusual behavior, anemia, bulging eyes and bloated abdomens. Not unlike what I experience the morning after a trip to the local watering hole. Seriously, fisheries scientists are understandably concerned about the spread of this disease which has the potential to decimate fish populations.

In response, regulations have been put in place, requiring groups of bait fish to be inspected and certified free of the disease before they can be used, otherwise they must be trapped from and used in the same body of water.

Vermont, New York and the federal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) have also all passed regulations making it illegal to transport live fish from one state to another. Thats become a big concern to bass fishing aficionados, because under current federal law a bass cannot be caught on the New York side of Lake Champlain and transported to the Vermont side for a weigh-in.

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