The Port of Excellence no place to be when the Norwalk virus kicks in!

I felt like I was in line at Wal-Mart on Black Friday with no way out!

As I waited in sheer agony, the lane beside me was moving along quite nicely but there was no way of cutting in from where I was idling.

Cramp after cramp. New faces after new faces beside me, I just wanted to be home, running for my bathroom. I kept swallowing down the warmth welling up inside my throat, I was wet with sweat, yet white as a ghost, just praying the next few cars would move through more quickly but they didnt.

Finally I was second-to-next in line!

But then there was another problem, I saw the officer directing the driver to pull over to the inspection station. Then, to my dismay, he exited his booth and placed an orange traffic cone in the lane!

Finally he returned. The next car took a minute or two and a whole lot of praying on my part and it passed.

How are you today, the officer asked as I handed him my identification.

Okay, I barely choked out.

He must have seen the panic and suffering in my eyes.

Have a nice day, he said handing the cards back to me.

For the record I did make it home but just in the nick of time!

And while I do understand the importance of the job they have to do, I wish U.S. Customs and the DHS would find a way to better accommodate the traffic flows.

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