The Port of Excellence no place to be when the Norwalk virus kicks in!

First let me give credit where credit is due the new truck lanes are already working beautifully at our future Port of Excellence. I have not seen any major line-ups since the truck traffic diversion lanes have been opened. And lets face it those truck lines were a terrible accident waiting to happen - so kudos for that. Now I hate to pick on the U.S. Customs and Dept. of Homeland Security, but I still dont quite understand how the new multi-million dollar construction will help us with the problem that they do not have enough lanes open to accommodate the traffic.

The lanes are there, always have been; yet the wait can be well over half an hour!

As I sat there in line, I could see the many Customs and Border Protection vehicles parked by the main building, and officers walking around, conversing. Once in a while one would walk over to check a trunk or to speak to the officers manning the booths.

Let me tell you that last week was the worst wait Ive had by far though, with two lanes open and about 10 cars in each.

There I was fighting off the dreadful Norwalk virus as it continued to gain the upper hand twisting and pounding at my intestines.

Which lane should I go for, I wondered, half in a panic? After all, how would it look if I suddenly jumped out of the drivers seat and began vomiting there in the lines of traffic?

That was what I thought would happen or worse, what if it came out the other end?!!

As usual, with my luck I picked the line with the problematic travelers.

If there is an initial problem or reason to be suspicious of a vehicle, driver or passengers why dont they automatically ask them to pull over to the side for a secondary inspection and free up the lane to let the traffic through.

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