Stories of enduring love: Bert and Helen Miner

Editors note: This is the first in a series of stories that will run periodically in the North Creek News Enterprise that chronicle how couples met, fell in love and nurtured life-long romance. Ah love - that illusive mystery! How do we find it? Keep it once found? Stoke its fire for 10, 20 even 40 years? Theres no simple answer, or one way to go about it, but I have faith its possible. To quote the Monkees, Im a believer. Its-ok-for-now love cant cut it over the long haul.

Sensible, better-than-nothing affection inspires few catchy lyrics. The love Im a groupie for is that heart-singing, glove-fitting connection of kindred spirits. Luckily, I get to see it everyday here in the North Country.

Sometime before text messaging, on-line personals and speed dating, there was a charming ritual called courting. Helen Sheridan couldnt pull herself along the old rope tow at the Ski Bowl, but fortunately a ski patrolling junior named Bert Miner hoisted the struggling 8th grader up the run. They chatted casually at church skating outings and Berts baseball games, but then each went off to college.

However, that wily minx fate conspired to bring them together again unexpectedly one weekend when both were home in North Creek dancing and playing darts at Ridings, the local teen hangout (where Caseys is now.) Enamored, Bert drove Helen all the way back to her Catholic nursing school in Plattsburgh. They spent the hours of this road trip talking, laughing and falling hard.

Three weeks later, driving a truck back from Canada for his familys business, Bert stopped to pick Helen up and bring her to North Creek. But, the nuns wouldnt let Helen go. They decried Bert as just a trucker who wouldnt amount to anything. Helen knew different. Seeing great potential in Bert, she ignored the nuns and followed her heart by sneaking off and meeting him down the road. Her defiance and trust in Bert made them both realize this was the real deal.

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