Schmale enters town board race

JOHNSBURG Marko Schmale, a long-time town resident and manager of Whitewater Challengers since 1984, announced Tuesday that he will seek a seat on the Johnsburg Town Board in this years upcoming election. My experience running a small business for 25 years, qualifies me as a strong candidate for a Board position, Schmale said. Many of the management decisions I make on a daily basis, are similar to those the Board encounters running our town. I feel I could very capably help manage all the current affairs of our town and carefully evaluate the negotiations that will shape the future of our town for the next generation. Schmale said he believes the greatest challenge facing the town in coming years is finding a balance that will allow some development while preserving the quality of life for the residents of Johnsburg. We know that something is going to happen here, Schmale said. We dont know what. We need to balance that with the needs of the families in town, of which I am one. Schmale and his wife, Kate Hartley, are raising their three children here and said thats reason enough to be involved. We need to make sure the schools are taken care of, Schmale said. And the infrastructure in the town. Im going to be here a long time, forever. I have a stake in what goes on here. My family has a stake. We all do. Development can be good, Schmale said, but only if its managed wisely. The job of the town board is to defend taxpayers and our way of life, he said. Its not our job to make sure the developers are successful. We need to watch out for the families and the people without resources, you know, defending the little guy. We have to look at things from all the different angles and make good decisions. Schmale said he has been active in town issues since the 80s and said he feels his knowledge of issues will be an asset. Theres a lot of history at these meetings, he said. So when an issue comes up, its good to know why we are being presented with this challenge at this time and how did we get to this point. Schmale is a registered Democrat and said he plans to run as an independent as well. I dont think party affiliation plays much of a role in local issues, he said. If someone is qualified, party shouldnt matter. Schmale said he plans to use the campaign to meet with and listen to residents and find out what their ideas are. I look forward to hearing what visions YOU have for our town and I plan to meet with as many of you as possible over the next 8 months, Schmale said. I hope I can count on your support in the election in November.

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