Letters to the Editor

Post No Trespassing signs To the editor: Over the last several months, the hamlet of Warrensburg has experienced several incidences of vandalism at local businesses and town owned property. These misguided young adults take some kind of warped pleasure in spray painting and/or destroying other peoples property. Our Warren County Sheriffs Department has done an outstanding job patrolling and assisting with our small but effective neighborhood watch. They have been diligent in taking names and making arrests. Sheriff Department authorities have strongly suggested that the town and all local businesses in the hamlet conspicuously post their properties with such signage that could read No trespassing after regular business hours or something to that effect. By posting their properties, the Sheriff patrols now have the ability to make arrests for trespassing on private property. A needed tool in the continuing saga of a handful of youths who continue to make trouble. John S. Alexander Warrensburg Town Councilman

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