Governor: No temporary cell towers

A recent traffic death that has been attributed to the lack of cell coverage in the northern part of the highway has raised concerns about limited cell coverage and the ongoing controversy between those who want cell towers installed and those who dont want to see them. Spitzer said he wants to continue to seek a solution to the limited cell phone coverage in the remote area by seeking a solution that would find a middle path that wouldnt violate park restrictions.

State Sen. Betty Little said that the governors idea to wait for a permanent solution could take years to implement, and in that time, others may die due to the lack of cell coverage.

Spitzers office is reviewing a number of options and is trying to meet the public safety need while respecting the unique environment through which the Northway passes.

Little and other lawmakers have been seeking increased cell phone coverage along the Northway for years, and renewed those calls after a Brooklyn man died of hypothermia after driving off a remote portion of the highway. His wife tried repeatedly to call for help on her cell phone, but there was no coverage.

Environmental groups oppose the tall towers, saying they would spoil the landscape along the highway.

Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward said she is encouraged by progress being made, but she cannot accept the fact that it could take years to find an acceptable solution.

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