Saranac Cub Scouts Pack 35 celebrates with a Pinewood Derby

Each kit consisted of a block of pinewood, nail axels, and wheels a gift that would provide hours of positive interaction, cooperation and fun for Cub Scouts and their parents. The completion of the project culminated with quite a celebration; a pinewood derby. The derby took place at the Assumption of Mary Parish Center gymnasium in Redford at 2 p.m., March 10. By 1:30 the gymnasium had been transformed into a mini raceway with a pinewood derby race track surrounded by black and white checkered flags. A check-in table near the door saw constant activity as Cub Scouts had their cars weight and size checked. Cars had to weigh five ounces or less and fit inside a regulation size box. Once checked in, contestants placed their cars on a side table and admired one another's handiwork. Each scout, ranging in age from 6 to 9, designed and built his own car with his parents help. The finished products spoke of hard work and individuality with a variety of shapes and colors. The event officially began the same way all Cub Scout events begin, with the scouts standing at attention reciting their Cub Scout promise, their Cub Scout pledge, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag. Then it was time for the races! Sixteen scouts from three dens participated: the Bear den, the Wolf den, and the Tiger den. The scouts raced to determine the winner out of each den, and the den winners raced to determine an overall winner. There were trophies for the den winners and the overall winner. Overall winner, Rafael Rivera, felt that the one hour program his dad took him to at Lowes helped him make a fast car. I learned some tips there, he said. Like dont try to have wheels that are bent. And screw the weights in, dont glue them. The important thing is to try your best though, he added with an ear to ear grin. Everybody did a great job today. At the closing awards each scout received a colorful certificate applauding their completion of the project. The scouts had also made wooden display stands for their cars. While younger siblings were given a chance to race their cars, some of the scouts worked on permanently attaching their cars to their stands. For years to come they will be able to admire a project well done and remember the important lessons learned.

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