Cardboard Derby udderly amazing

JOHNSBURG Organizers declared this years Cardboard Derby at Gore Mountain an udder success. Sundays grand prize winning sled, built and piloted by David Adams and Jacob Keck, milked the judges for all the style points it could muster. In the end the giant bovine proved it was the cream of the crop among the events 37 entries, winning its creators a trip to Aruba. The 2007 Cardboard Derby, where entrants get points for style and creativity rather than speed, delivered yet another dose of the surreal that can result from the unnatural union of cardboard and duct tape. Cowabunga led the way when, at a critical moment in its downhill journey, the massive bovine did a 180, mooned the judges, and delivered a cow pile the size of a large melon, (Or was it a bowling ball?) much to the delight of the throng gathered to witness this years spectacle.

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