Vergennes elects new mayor

It was a day that showed just how divided Vermont was when it came to presidential politicssome towns voted on resolutions to impeach President George Bush while others rejected the measure as not suited for town meeting discussions. Not all Addison County towns in the Eagles circulation range had votes counted when we went to press, however, many towns reported results to the news media as of March 6 at 8 p.m. Addison: Town budget was approved; Jane Grace elected as town clerk; highway budget approved; Steven Torrey and Joy Pouliot elected to selectboard; new loader approved; school budget approved; Donald Jochum and George Lawrence elected to school board; VUHS budget approved. Bridport: Budget approved; Valerie Bourgeois, town clerk; Tom Broughton, selectboard; historical society exempt, approved; use of tabulating machines defeated; school budget approved; Paul Plouffe, Brian Desforeges, Kate Ingwersen, school board; Leonard Barrett, union district. Bristol: Budget approved; Therese Kirby, town clerk; Nathan Bouvier, John Heffernan, Sharon Compagna, selectboard; excavator/trailer approved; Howden Hall project approved; school budget approved; Susan Stewart, Meg Wendel, Steve Barsalou school board; MAUHS budget approved; Bob Donnis and Robin Herbick union school board. Cornwall: Town budget approved; Nancy Kemp, Joe Severey selectboard; school budget approved; Junius Calitri and Brenda Fleming school board; MUHS budget approved. Ferrisburgh: Town budget approved; Salley Torrey, Loretta Lawrence, selectboard; school budget approved; Kurt Haigis school board; 9/11 conspiracy theory approved; VUHS budget approved. Goshen, Granville, Hancock, Leicester: Unavailable. Lincoln: Town budget approved; Sally Ober town clerk; Donovan Mayo selectboard; town shed sale approved; school budget approved; MAUHS budget approved. Middlebury: Town budget unknown; Janelle Ashley, Donald Keeler, Bill Perkins selectboard; Cross St. Bridge, sports center funds approved; Christin Eaton, Lucy Schumer, Jim Wright, school board; MUHS budget approved; Lorraine Morse, Devlin McLaughlin union board; Hannaford budget approved. New Haven: Town budget approved; Claire Van Buren, town clerk; Barb Torian, treasurer; Keith Hall selectboard. Selectboard increased approved; tabulating machines approved; MAUHS budget approved. Monkton: Unavailable. Orwell: Unavailable. Panton: Unavailable. Ripton: Town budget approved; Sally Hoyler, town clerk; William Ford selectboard; hydro projects issue oked; Iraq U.S. troop withdrawal approved; school budget approved; David Disque, Willem Jewett school board; energy conservation approved; MUHS budget approved; drinking water fund approved. Salisbury: Unavailable. Shoreham: Town budget approved; Stephen Goodrich, Art Remick, Paul Saenger, selectboard; town clerk office approved; secret ballot, defeated; school budget approved; Elizabeth Christensen, Mary Cairns, school. Starksboro: Town budget approved; Alice Dubenetsky, selectboard; school budget approved; school renovations approved; MAUHS budget approved; Robert Hall, union board. Vergennes: Randall Ouellette, Christine Collette, Diana Lampher, city council; Michael Daniels, mayor; sewer service issue approved; school budget approved; Larney McGrath, high school board; Ann McGrath, elementary board; VUHS budget approved. Waltham: Unavailable. Weybridge: Town budget approved; highway budget approved; Karen Brisson, town clerk; Alan Piper, Gale Hurd, selectboard; road projects approved; school budget approved; Liz Hammell, Steve Reigle, school board. Whiting: Unavailable.

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