NCCS Builder's Club raised $667 for WOKO-FM's 'Big Change Round Up'

CHAMPLAIN Do you know how long it takes to count out $450 worth of change? The Northeastern Clinton Central School Builders Club members sure do! It took well over an hour for the group to sort and count the money collected during the Big Change Round-up, a Vermont Childrens Hospital fundraiser sponsored by WOKO and Wal-Mart. The NCCS Builders Club, a middle school-aged version of the Kiwanis Club, strives to do as many fundraising events as possible throughout the school year in their quest to help people and organizations in the community. According to club vice-president Sara Adams, ideas are brought before the group to vote on, and this one was a unanimous decision. Builders Club president Laura Bechard helped Adams explain why that was so. The Vermonts Children Hospital is a great place, but there are children who have to stay there for a long time, so we want to help them (WOKO-FM) raise money to get things for the children to do, said Bechard. They need the money to get video games and other stuff for a toy room, like board games, Adams chimed in. They want to make it so that kids (confined within the hospital walls) can still be kids, Bechard added. Claire Hipko recalled her five-day stay there when she had appendicitis. That was when I was in fourth grade, my mom stayed with me and they took really good care of us, Hipko said. Bechard said the idea of joining the Big Change Round-Up drive actually came from an NCCS Social Studies teacher, Melody Trombley. And Ms. Trombley brought in this huge zip-lock bag full of change, Adams noted. Adams said the middle school drive lasted for about three weeks and was kicked off by a visit from WOKO. They dropped off loot bags, bandannas and large drop buckets to collect the change. Builders Club advisor Joe DeSorbo said that just in bills alone they had collected over $200. He looked a tad overwhelmed as he sat counting a huge pile of pennies that covered one of his science loft tables. The students scrambled to get the change counted before the late bus arrived, but the job still wasnt completed, as many had to leave. A handful of students did stay and finally by 4:30 p.m. totals were being calculated and the cleanup had begun. The grand total was $667.70, give or take a couple stray pennies, nickels and dimes. DeSorbo said that total is likely to go up because a few of the students had forgotten their donations at home. He explained that if more money did come in, they would send a check to the hospital. DeSorbo and the remaining students hauled the loot to his car in the back parking lot. Since they were expecting a snow day on Friday, DeSorbo took the cash home so that he could drop it off at the collection site at Wal-Mart over the weekend.

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