Living with an exchange student

Lisa Hodey is a German exchange student attending North Warren this year. The first family she was placed with didnt work out, but she struck a home run with the second. Hodey is living with Poul and Mary Lou Carstensen of Brant Lake, who have a daughter about the same age. Their older kids are out of the house, working or at college. She was supposed to go home in February, but she got her visa extended, said Mary Lou. Im not sure how her parents feel about that, but shes having a ball. Hodey was hoping for snow to try American skiing. They take ski vacations in the Alps at home, said Mary Lou. Hodey is from Lintfort, on the border of the Netherlands, near Dusseldorf. She said it is not as snowy in her hometown and flatter than our Adirondacks. She had befriended Tess Carstensen before moving in with the family, and the two are great friends. I love it here, Hodey said. At home, social life and school are more separate. In Germany, the schools dont have sports or extracurricular activities like we do here. Hodey has a part in the school play, Oklahoma this year. German schools dont have school plays, all other activities are outside of school I play basketball in a club at home, she said. And we play all year long, we practice during the week and have games on weekends. Hodey said she isnt used to the security she finds at schools here. We dont have to stay in school all day, and we dont have cameras and all this security, she said. If we need to go to the bathroom, we just ask, we dont need a pass. Hodey said she is having fun with the Carstensens. I feel comfortable and its like home for me, she said. As for American cuisine, Hodey prefers her German fare. I like German food better, its not so mass produced like here, she said. We always have salads and we get our bread at a bakery, everybody does. Here, people dont eat a lot of vegetables and they eat more of everything. Hodey said she really wants to see Boston. Ive always wanted to see Boston, it has a lot of history and I heard that its a little European. She extended her stay until July 2, and when she leaves, Tess Carstensen will travel home with her and spend a couple of weeks in Germany.

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