Dragon joins Denton staff with new Kidsville publication

Publisher: So youll be delivering the paper?

Truman: Oh, heavens no! I dont even have a license to drive, but I know youve got delivery well covered. That was part of our arrangement, wasnt it?

Publisher: We do, but it sounded like you were going to help.

Truman: Im going to be pretty busy visiting schools and attending functions, encouraging education and literacy, not to mention advocating a healthy lifestyle of good eating and exercise, no bullying, no use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol. No trust me, Ive got a full agenda working with the schools and our partners to get our message out in the community and keep it reinforced.

Publisher: I understand well also be setting up a Web site in addition to the newspaper?

Truman: Kidsvillenews.com to start with and then Ill help you develop a Clinton County site so we can feature all kinds of additional local information, artwork and picture of the kids and me having fun learning, and exploring all kinds of new successes in learning. Kids can even email me through the Web site and of course Ill answer every email I receive.

Publisher: One question Ive heard repeatedly from the local folks; Is there any truth to the rumor that you might be related to Champy, our friendly local lake monster?"

Truman: Ya know, genealogy records werent kept very well when Champy and I first walked and swam the earth. I know hes a good lookin green fellow, but beyond that I think thats where the similarity stops. Im sure Champy and I will get together in the near future over a fruit juice or milk and perhaps well both learn more about each other. I sure would welcome his help, but Im guessing hes got a pretty full schedule out in that beautiful lake.

Publisher: Well Truman, I guess we better get to work if we are going to have that first issue out by April 1. Get your things and Ill show you to your office.

Truman: Im excited, and ready for the challenge, because wherever Kidsville News goes kids know something FUN is going to happen. Were going to have a great time publishing the paper and helping the boys and girls with their studies. Im ready to get started. Lead the way, Danny Boy! Er, ah Mr. Alexander.

Watch for the Clinton County Kidsville News premiering in April 2007.

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