Denton launches Outdoor Page

Notes from Afield:

Squirrel and partridge season closed Feb. 28. Rabbit ends March 18. For those who enjoy predator calling, coyote season ends March 25, while bobcat, raccoon, red and grey fox were all closed on Feb. 15. Spring turkey doesnt open until May 1.

The season for beaver and otter trapping closes March 31 and mink and muskrat ends April 15

The deadline to remove your ice shanty is March 15 - usually about the time spawning perch start hammering in shallow water.

In response to roaming dogs caught in traps, the DEC is considering new regulations governing land trapping - specifically with conibears. They want to make it illegal to trap on foot trails and add a requirement that any trap set on the ground be placed in a box no larger than six inches high meaning a 220 would be too large. There is about 30 days left of a 45-day comment period before the DEC announces its changes. Theyre getting much pressure from the Albany tree hugger types to make trapping more doggy proof, as is always the case when the media blows out something like this. My thinking is an $8 leash would alleviate the problem. And, last time I checked, there is a leash law.

As much as old Pete I once went fly fishing in college Grannis tries to distance himself from the likes of PETA, he still received the full endorsement of the Residents Committee to Protect the Adirondacks this week for DEC commissioner. Lets hope the senate remembers that there are 2 million voting sportsmen (and women) in this state and overrides our new governors oh-so political appointment.

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