Denton launches Outdoor Page

Well, I think you get my drift.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am the managing editor here at Denton Publications, but more importantly I spend every extra minute I get in the woods or on the water. Just ask my ex. I grew up hunting, fishing and trapping the Newcomb region and own a hunting camp there on property thats been in my family for 100 years.

My great-grandfather was an Adirondack guide. I am a guide as well license number 220 as is my brother. Together we operate Black Spruce Guide service as time permits on Champlain and various other Adirondack ponds.

I bleed Berkeley Power Bait. In chartreuse.

Ok, small dramatization there for effect.

But I do have a pretty good handle on what has worked for me in this region and where. Stories I hope to share weekly in this column.

Thats not to say I know it all. Far from it. I think a good outdoorsman never completely perfects his craft. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Which is where you come in. I very much want to hear your stories, trials and tribulations. Oh, I fully realize the what-happens-at-camp, stays-at-camp mentality. I lived it. I dont expect to hear, or print, the location of your favorite stand or honey hole. Nor would I ask.

But Id love to see the final result in photos. Love to hear the stories of how you bagged that lifetime buck or slammer brookie. Everything from funny anecdotes to the one that got away. Those are the tales Id like to share on this page. Because, while we all might be tight-lipped about certain techniques that set us apart, we all share an appreciation for the end result. We all like to peek into the pickup box at the weigh-in station and shake the hand of the successful. Thats what Id like to do in this column.

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