Rutland County 4-H Club take home ribbons

Maddie Slack earned the top score in the senior division of the Rutland County 4-H Hippology contest, held recently at Rutland High School. She is a member of the Silver Stirrups 4-H Club of Ira. Other senior blue ribbon winners were Sarah Longchamp of the Wind Riders 4-H Club of Rutland; Kayleigh McDonnell and Catherine Howland of the Rough Riders 4-H Club of Castleton; Lindsy Danforth and Althea Greene of the Horsepower 4-H Club of Castleton; and Heather McIntyre and Krysta Gawet of the Wild Hooves 4-H Club of Brandon. Red ribbon winners were Caitlin Gates, Marissa Smyrski, and Anna Tadio of Horsepower; Amberly Ondria of the Rough Riders; Courtney Findeisen of Wild Hooves; and Jenny Holler, Ashley Dudley, and Sara Lareau of the Blazing Saddles 4-H Club of Danby. White ribbons went home with Brianna Allen, Kaylee Keeler, and Jen Denby of Blazing Saddles; Jordan Cole and Sarah Hillier of the Silver Stirrups club; Samantha Forrest and Rachel Thompson of the Rough Riders; and Dan Ellis and Jenna Charron of Horsepower. In the junior division, Jessie Bachman took the top honors with a score of 230; she is a member of the Rough Riders club. Other junior division blue ribbon winners are Kaci O'Rourke, Hally Cloutier, Mackenna Phelps, and Leslie Bardin of the Rough Riders; Kelsey Burhans, Katelyn Phillips, and Stephanie Wiessel of Horsepower; and Swan Connolly of Blazing Saddles. Red ribbon winners in the junior division are Jackie Holler, Brooke White, Jenny Davenport of Blazing Saddles; Julia Hayes, Haley Macomber, Heather Dalto, and Valerie Greene of Horsepower; Addison Todd, Sarah Maseroni, Chaylen Lemieux, and Courtney Shannon of the Rough Riders; and Katie Miglorie and Kelsey Miller of the Windriders. Allie Bachman and Shannon Halnon of the Rough Riders; Samantha Pearce of the Blazing Saddles; Emily Andrulat of the Wind Riders; and Abigail Miglorie of the Wild Hooves took home blue ribbons in the Advanced Beginner division. Shirley Smith, Megan Fox, and Allessandra Gaiotti of the Blazing Saddles and Jenna Smith and Olivia Laramie of Horsepower earned red ribbons. Beginner division blue ribbons went to Erica Hathaway, Kylie Engan, and Katie Cloutier of the Rough Riders; Kennedy Mitkowski and Megan Sherman of Horsepower; Emily Bushey and Elizabeth Bushey of the Wind Riders; and Hayly Morrison and Sadie Winslow of the Blazing Saddles. Logan Bayle of the Rough Riders; Natalie Gaiotti of the Blazing Saddles; David Gringeri of Horsepower; and Molly Champagne and Julia Miglorie of the Wind Riders earned red ribbons. Cloverbud participants were Betsy Coburn, Adriana Dalto, and Tiana Sanchez of Horsepower; Evelyn Bushey of the Wind Riders; and Olivia Peer of the Blazing Saddles.

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