A goldfish? No thank you

Its that time of year again when nearly every town and village is celebrating something. They have field days, bazaars, church dinners, country fairs and no matter what they are called or where they are one thing remains constant - they are a lot of fun.

But there is something that Ive been meaning to gripe about and that is giving tiny goldfish away as prizes.

Cute as they are, they do bring huge smiles to those little faces but they are very impractical to give as prizes.

Lets face it, most families dont just happen to have a fish tank at home. Without one that poor little bugger doesnt stand much of a chance that is if he/she even makes it home alive after being carried around in a little plastic bag of water through the crowds in the warm summery weather. At best you can figure the fish might make it a week or two in a bowl.

And lets face it once a child sets eyes on a pet, no matter how small it may be, theyve become attached.

We did happen to have a fish tank so that the little bugger could have some oxygen in his/her water. But even so, we had to get it out of storage, clean it out, get the water temperature just right and all that jazz.

Swimmy the Fish seemed pretty happy at first, but we had to wonder how much so, after all, he/she was all alone in his/her big fish tank of a world. There he/she was, alone, with no other fish to chase around, no other fish to rub fins with.

Swimmy swam. Swimmy explored a little and he/she ate his/her little fish food.

Two weeks into it Swimmy wasnt swimming anymore he/she was resting at the bottom of the tank, floating there, lifeless.

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