Stories of enduring love: Tony Moro and Mary Cunningham

NORTH CREEK Love at first sight is tricky business. The declaration, We saw each other and just knew! makes me envious. I marvel at folks trusting their gut with such monumental decisions, given my propensity to deliberate roughly six years on a couch color. For this, I blame movies. They made me believe my soul mate would arrive via soaring music or a dramatic Deus ex machina like booming thunderclaps or shooting stars.

As it turns out, sometimes destinys calling card is just a crummy fish supper. Recovering from a kidney operation, Anton (Tony) Moro, accompanied by his mother, sought healing rest upstate. A bad seafood meal in Speculator propelled them northward until reaching Blue Mountain Lake.

At The Hedges, Tony caught a glimpse of Mary Cunningham boyishly clad in jeans and a black and green plaid shirt with eyes bright as a new penny. She joked with her Uncle, My God John, wherell we get a bed big enough for that guy?! Her spunk prompted the 67 Tony to inform his mom, Im going to marry that girl someday!

Mary, a 19-year-old coed, was head waitress that summer at her familys resort. Charged with the duty of ensuring that young guests had fun, she invited the terribly handsome Tony to fish, play ping-pong and square dance. However, Marys sensible no-romance-with-visitors policy kept things platonic. Yet after a moonlit kiss whilst promenading, her resolve cracked and before the final do-si-doh this young couple began falling in love. Moonlight isnt a love song staple for nothing.

Tony enthuses, Mary was, and still is, so intriguing and interested in absolutely everything! Italian by birth and New York City-raised, he was a Fulbright scholar whod traveled Europe, but never met anyone as curious or easy to talk to as Mary. North Creek born and bred, she was impressed with Tonys quick wit, keen intellect and dashing savoir faire.

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