Group works to help kids

In November, LGCCT has a window painting activity where students and adults paint holiday and winter scenes on the store windows on Canada Street. In March, they hold Chilly Willy, a day of games, dodge ball and other outdoor activities.

Dow feels that the majority of children dont necessarily feel that they belong anywhere.

Kids in athletics have a place, theyre busy with practice, she said. Kids on top in academics have a place and kids in special ed have lots of help and a wider range of adults to connect with.

She said that about 80 percent of students are in the middle, and those are the ones who need the most attention.

Maybe they have family issues, or other issues, and they can get into a downward spiral, she said. Some dont know where to put themselves, theyre not athletic or in the top of their class, but maybe they could be a great T-shirt designer, a gardener but dont know it.

Part of the mission of LGCCT is to make information available to parents who are worried that their child might be drinking.

We have a website for parents or students worried about someone, maybe theyre having a problem, anorexia or alcohol, were trying to make that information available.

The website is at communitiesthatcare-warrencounty.org, but Dow said she is working to update it.

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