The long trail to the fair

There is one last requirement, and this is the one that Trevor found the most challenging of all. There is an evaluation process of a horse and its' rider to insure that they will be a safe combination in the show ring. Three evaluators must be present and come to an agreement about whether the horse and rider will be safe, and what level they are allowed to compete at. Trevor and his horse were evaluated at the Kirk Farm's indoor riding arena and they were given a level 2 ranking. That meant that Trevor had overcome the last obstacle to the show ring at the County Fair!

Thursday, July 19 was the 4-H horse show at the Clinton County Fair. It was the day Trevor had worked so hard for. He wasn't the only one that had worked hard. The horse barn and the show ring was full of 4-Hers who all had to meet the same requirements as Trevor. Seven of those were fellow members of Trevor's club. Three of those: his sister Elizabeth, 11-year-old Kelly LeClair, and 9-year-old Alexis Beyer are novices like Trevor. Olivia Chiappolone (10) already has 3 years to her credit. The four oldest members: Kariana Garrand (14), Lindsay Moore (18), Emily Heath (13), and Lauren Heath (16) have a total of 33 years of combined experience.

As these 4-Hers travel down the trail to the fair they encounter many valuable learning experiences that go beyond horse knowledge. The experience of the older members is put to good use and they learn leadership skills as they mentor the younger club members.

There is a lot of cooperation in our group and all accomplishments are acknowledged, Leader Nancy Garrand said.

That cooperation is put to the toughest of tests. Several of the members share horses. Trevor and Elizabeth share their Draft Cross, Bill. Karianna shares her Quarter Horse, Horton, with Alexis, and Emily and Lauren share their Quarter Horses, BeBop, and Ben.

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