A blind woman with vision - it's never too late to follow your dreams!

But Carl was there to help. Hed go through it with me and help me with trouble spots, she said.

Once Lorraine had completed the eighth grade and was looking towards entering high school, her Braille teacher felt she would be better off attending that school for the blind.

She did, but not for long. She was back home after just a week.

It was not for me, she said.

It was that year that Lorraine met and fell in love with Kenneth LaFountain. He was blinded in a car accident in 1960.

That was Oct. 23, she said, and he was offering to buy me a ring in Nov., he wanted to give it to me at Christmastime, but I thought it was too soon because he hardly knew me.

But I did end up accepting it by Jan. 6 and we were married in April of 1966.

Together they had one child, Mark; he, his wife, Noelle, and their family live by Chazy Lake.

It was Kenneth who taught Lorraine to play the spoons, something they often enjoyed together up until he passed away.

He just wanted to hear me play, she said, so I started with the ones from our kitchen drawer, but then got special ones.

I lost my Kenny to lung cancer eight years ago, she said sadly.

When he passed away I sent all the spoons with him, I didnt want to play anymore.

But two years later, her sentiments changed and she began to play once again. And she joined Smokey Rabideau and the RSVP Kitchen Band. To Lorraine, it was great to be able to share her talent.

We played at area nursing homes and I could tell that the residents loved to hear us.

That made her feel good about herself too. But something was still missing in her life and while talking with a lady from NCAVI one day, it became clear to Lorraine what that something was - a high school diploma.

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