Tall Timbers developer responds to concerns

NORTH CREEK The developer of the Tall Timbers project, Al Grippaldi, said during an interview Tuesday that East Holcomb Road resident Lyle Dye and others who expressed concerns about the project in a petition to the Town Board have many misconceptions regarding what is proposed.

In an effort to set the record straight and correct misconceptions, Grippaldi offered a detailed overview of the project.

In a prepared statement, Grippaldi said that Tall Timbers at North Creek is a new planned development off River Road and immediately adjacent to the North Creek Airport at Bennett Field.

Currently, there are several single family homes surrounding the airport, along with approximately ten (10) individually owned hangars for small airplanes. Tall Timbers at North Creek, LLC will be the managing company for the construction phase of the project and will maintain management for the commercial areas of the hotel once construction is complete.

The developers plan to sell three lots for construction of single family homes on the site, Grippaldi said, along with 16 townhouse buildings, each with four units, for a total of 64 townhouse units. Each unit will be sold in quarter shares, with the option to purchase all four quarters for total ownership. The individual townhouse unit will have three bedrooms, two and three-quarters bathrooms and will be approximately 1,450 square feet, and will be priced at approximately $325,000 each, with additional features available at an increased cost.

Additionally, Grippaldi said, 16 free-standing garages will be built to mimic the appearance of the townhouses, each containing four garage units, and will be available to townhouse unit owners as an additional purchase. The garage units will be free-standing, located close to the townhouse units and connected by a pedestrian path.

The Lodge at Tall Timbers will feature 22 suites, Grippaldi said, also to be sold in quarter-share fractions. Tall Timbers at North Creek, LLC will maintain management of these suites for the owners, thus facilitating rental periods during non-use by the owners. Furthermore, the LLC will maintain the common areas of the Lodge, including the entire first floor.

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