Local woman wins big on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'

SARANAC Deb Plumadore, of Saranac, has been living in a dream-like whirlwind of excitement for the last three weeks. It all began with an 8 a.m. phone call on June 14.
Deb runs a private consultation business from her home. She was preparing to leave for Shonbek's where she was consulting for the week when the phone rang. It was someone from "Live With Regis and Kelly" informing her that she had been selected to compete in the "Sun Blast Trivia a Glo Go" for that day.
"At first I thought it was a prank call from a family member or friend ," Deb said with a laugh. Her family and friends often kid her because she never passes up an opportunity to enter give aways. In the past year she sent in five applications for "Glo Go" on post cards or by e-mail.
The representative from "Live with Regis and Kelly" finally succeeded in convincing her this was for real. Once it was confirmed she was not employed by a long list of companies that own the show, she was told she would be given a call back in 50 minutes.
"The Glo Go questions are always about the show the day before," Deb explained. "I always tape the show," she said, "because I never want to miss it. I have been a fan of the show for thirty years."
After calling Shonbek's to inform them that her arrival would be delayed, Deb spent most of the next 50 minutes rewatching the previous day's show.
When the call came, Deb was talking live with Regis and Kelly. In the short time she was on the phone she managed to put a plug in for the beauty of the Adirondack Region and Shonbek's chandeliers. Best of all, the "Glo Go" spinner landed on the top prize, a one week trip for two to Turtle Bay, Hawaii. Now all Deb had to do was answer the question correctly!
"Who did we say is Emma Robert's father?" she was asked.
Deb paused for a moment and then answered correctly "Eric Roberts?" When she realized she'd won she said, "I can't catch my breath!"
When she was asked to pick a number to award the consolation prize to someone in the audience she didn't hesitate. "Thirty-two, because my Dad was born on July 4, 1932." Deb's Dad passed away several years ago and he was a close friend and a hero to her.
Deb's prize came with a bonus trip for four; four days and three nights in Los Angeles with passes to the Premiere of "Ratatouille" and $1,600 of spending money!
Deb, her husband Gary, her sister Jenny LeBeau, and her mom, Rose LeBeau, hopped on a plane bound for California on June 21, just one week after the phone call. They stayed in the Beverly Garland Hotel, visited Universal Studios, the Kodak Theater, relaxed by the pool, and attended the Premier of "Ratatouille" and the party that followed.
"It was a red carpet, black tie and gown event," Deb said. Hollywood stars were everywhere and Eric Estrada sat right in front of her. The food at the party was prepared by Wolfgang Puck.
"Everybody was so nice," Deb commented. "We had such a good time. It was a dream come true."
And the dream continues. This coming fall or winter Deb and her husband Gary will be making the trip to Hawaii. "We wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon," she said, "But we couldn't afford it."
The dream could even go beyond Hawaii. All "Glo Go" contestants are automatically entered into an additional bonus drawing which will take place on July 9. Deb just received a phone call from the show asking if she would be home on July 9. The bonus will be an $18,000 ten day trip for two to a private island.
Deb's dedication to the show and her compassionate and self sacrificing nature make her a fitting winner. "I just think she really deserves this," said long time friend Jeanne Jabut. "She is really good to her family and friends. She has been there for a lot of people."

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